James Gunn Responds to Backlash, Says He’ll ‘Probably’ Reunite with Guardians of the Galaxy Stars at DC

A new day dawns with a new name at DC Studios, and James Gunn plays a huge role while steering the ship. After being named co-chairman of the company alongside producer Peter Safran, he’s making some serious moves. Most of them like her Deciding not to move forward with Henry Cavill as Superman, received rave reviews from fans. Gunn recently drew the ire of some commentators after he stated that some of his Guardians of the Galaxy Partners will “probably” participate of his future superhero projects. He has now addressed the backlash he faced over the sentiment.

While he’s making plans at DC, James Gunn is set to release at the same time Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3:, the final installment in his Marvel Cinematic Universe trilogy. In an interview, Gunn talked about his relationship with his cast and whether they would work together again in the future. The filmmaker was candid, saying that he would collaborate with them separately down the road, and that it would probably happen “in my other work.” Some fans seemed to balk at the idea of ​​Gunn reuniting with the cast for another superhero-branded performance. This led the writer/director to drop the answer, whereby he sidestepped any kind of negative connotations surrounding a potential reunion;

We have hundreds of roles to play. As I’ve always done, some will be brand new faces, some will be actors I’ve worked with before, and some will be actors I’ve never worked with. Most importantly, the actor fits the role and is easy to work with.

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