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If you’re wondering what’s next for the planet Pandora Avatar: The way of water, you probably won’t have to wait another 13 years for a sequel. Now that Avatar: The sequel is set to cross the $2 billion mark, director James Cameron seems happy to share what’s coming that which is pre-titled The seed bearer.

While we don’t know who will carry the aforementioned seed (my money’s on the impeccably conceived Kiri), Cameron has announced that we’ll be meeting another race of Na’vi, and they’ll be centered around a fire. “Fire has a symbolic purpose in the film, and there’s a culture that revolves around that particular concept.” Cameron said deadline At the critics Choice: Awards: “That’s probably saying too much as we speak.” However, he continued.In the next movie, you will meet two completely new cultures. We’ve met Omaticaya, we’ve met Metkayina, and you’re going to meet two new cultures in the next movie, and it’s a little more freewheeling around the world of Pandora to different places.”

Other place, Cameron also confirmed that Jake and Neytiri’s son Loak, you may remember him as a child with an absolute pathological inability to follow parental instructions and Stay tuned, there will be the narrator of the third film, the other narrators of the fourth and fifth films.

Shooting for: The seed carrier It was completed back in 2018, but the film isn’t slated for release until December 20, 2024. me to have no feelings for anyone from this

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