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Avatar: The way of water it’s still smashing it at the box office, approaching $2 billion worldwide, and director James Cameron is already pitching the next installment in the franchise.

While attending the Critics’ Choice Awards, Cameron stopped by to speak with Deadline , where he dropped some tidbits about what fans can expect. Avatar 3: the discovery of the element of fire and two new cultures will be introduced.

“Fire has a symbolic purpose in film, and there’s a culture around that particular concept. That’s probably saying a lot as we speak,” he told Deadline.

Cameron continued to spill the tea, adding: “In the next film, you will meet two completely new cultures. We’ve met Omaticaya, we’ve met Metkayina, and you’re going to meet two new cultures in the next movie, and it’s a little bit more free-flowing around the world of Pandora to different places.”

Cameron’s wife, Susie Amis, jumped in and said:

Watch Cameron talk to Deadline in the video below.

Jack Champion also teased what Spider will be going through Avatar 3:.

Trinity’s Joe Bliss also shared what he’s most excited about for the next installment in the film franchise.


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