“I’ll always mourn some of the stories I can’t do” because of the Avatar commitment. deadline

Directed by James Cameron Avatar 3: already in post-production and in parts Avatar 4: have already been filmed. That’s when he’s on promotional duty with the December issue Avatar: The way of waterthe sequel to the original film.

Q&A with fellow directors empire magazine, Cameron was asked if he felt bad that he didn’t get to tell all the stories he wanted to. Avatar: time sulphur.

Cameron said that he has two thoughts about it. “The first is that the world Avatar: It’s so versatile that I can tell most of the stories I want to tell within it and try out many of the stylistic techniques I hope to explore.

“And secondly, yes… our time as artists is up. I will always mourn some of the stories I can’t create.”

Despite this, Cameron said that he “gets a lot of satisfaction when other directors want to explore some of my ideas, as Kathryn Bigelow did. Strange daysand Robert Rodriguez did when I passed him the baton Alita. Battle angel. I look forward to more collaborations in the future with directors I admire.”

After being announced in 2003 Alita was eventually awarded to Rodriguez after years of delays while Cameron worked Avatar: Cameron stayed on as producer and it was eventually released in 2019.

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