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Han Zimmer is one of the most prolific composers since John Williams, and he has undoubtedly left his mark on many franchises. Zimmer has worked on many projects that vary The Lion King, The Dark Knight to Top Gun. Maverick:. Top Gun: Maverick: was the biggest film of the year, but it seems the composer has chosen a smaller-scale project to end the year. Mr. Best said that the music of his new video was composed by the composer. In a new tweet, Mr. Best stated: “Hans Zimmer created an original soundtrack just for our new music video 👀.” You can check it out below.

“The moment I heard that Hans was also there, I knew I had to work with him, no matter what it took,” Mr. Best explained in a statement. “No one will understand what it’s like to survive in such a crazy place. We had to do it very quickly, and when we reached out, he was just as excited.”

Top Gun: Maverick: The scene could lead to international espionage

“Definitely,” shared Kosinski. “The Dark Star sequence, that hangar. I went to China Lake Naval Air Station, which is a naval base in the desert. I’m sure you drive by it when you go up to Mammoth. It’s on the right, and it. It covers a vast desert. But I was touring the base looking for a hangar for the Darkstar sequence. And they said: “You can take pictures as long as you don’t point your camera there.” I look over there and there’s this really interesting looking hangar with a tower around it and barbed wire and a blue door. And I say: “What is it”: And they say: “Oh, don’t even think about it. You will never be able to draw there. Don’t draw it, don’t even look at it.” I say. “So can we ride it if I don’t take a picture?” And they say: “Okay, okay, we can drive, but you can’t take pictures.”

He continued. “So we go and we drive by it and I look at it and it’s just perfect. I mean, it looks like a top secret hangar inside a top secret base. And I’m like. We have this sequence where we have this secret plane that they take out at night, and it seems like the perfect place for it. And they said: “Well, no wonder you’re interested in that building.” So I say. “Oh man, wow! It would be great to film there. That’s too bad.” So a few days later I get a call and they say, forward, so you will have a building.’ And we ended up getting shots in a top-secret hangar, and we actually built the Darkstar and put it in the hangar. And when we took it out for filming, I was told that some of the satellites belonging to other countries had actually moved there. space to draw. I think they were able to follow through on it, which I think was just amazing. If they could zoom in really close, they’d see Tom Cruise in the cockpit, which is pretty cool.”

Above: Gun Maverick now streaming on Paramount+

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