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After partnering with Netflix for Pinocchio and Cabinet of Curiosities, Guillermo del Toro will once again work with the streaming giant for his longtime passion project.Frankenstein“- Oscar Isaac attached to the star.

“The truth is, I’ve dreamed of being in a Frankenstein movie since I was a kid,” Del Toro told ComingSoon back in 2008. June 2023.

Netflix inked a deal with Del Toro back in August 2020. In recent days, the filmmaker teased that one of his upcoming projects will be a monster movie.

Speaking Variety Awards Podcast:del Toro told them about his next project, saying:

“Well, I’m working on a monster movie. Can’t say the title because it might change and I might end up creating something else. But right now I’m writing and designing. And we have for the past few years. Hopefully it’s the next one, but anything can happen.”

In a recent interview, composer Alexandre Desplat also mentioned that “Frankenstein” will be released soon.

Netflix picked up Frankenstein in March 2022 from Elizabeth S. From Wrightson. The novel was first published more than 200 years ago, in 1818.

Del Toro reportedly has multiple sets of Boris Karloff as the monster and has been developing this project for over a decade. He came closest to making the film in 2018, but Universal Pictures soon scrapped the whole thing after their planned monster-verse movies bombed at the box office.


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