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Like the rest of us, Emma Roberts has fashion regrets.

The actress and mother of one shared it Vogue: Beauty Secrets and was very real about her past style choices. As someone who started acting at the age of 9, Roberts has plenty of red carpet moments to reflect on some of her most memorable (and not in a good way) outfits.

Roberts, 31, recalled the 2001 red carpet for the film blowwhere she wore a casual outfit that she thought was a real winner at the time.

“I went to this store in Los Angeles, Fred Segal, and picked out cargo capris, a tote bag, and a purse made out of tires with beer caps on the side. And I just thought I came,” she shared before. does her skincare and makeup routines.

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“I was stuck,” he continued. “I was saying: “This is my moment.” And I look back on it now and say, “He’s so cute!” I say, “he had no idea he wouldn’t last.”

As Roberts pointed out, though, her red carpet history spans two decades, so of course she’s had a few questionable outfits over the years.

“Holy fancy dress and the amount of makeup stuff I’ve done,” she laughed in the video. “In my defense, it’s not fair because I was a child actor, so I’m being kept in the look I wore when I was 11.”

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Roberts, who shares 2-year-old son Rhodes with Garrett Hedlund, has graduated to a more mature and memorable (in a good way) look as she’s gotten older. Last week, she wore red for a show in New York Maybe I do. She wore a stunning Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini gown with an asymmetric neckline, Fred Leighton jewelry and bold red lipstick.

Last April, she appeared at the Vince Camuto pop-up in New York, completely ahead of the trend. He streamed Wednesday Addams before Netflix wednesday even went down. wore a black knee-length dress with long pleated sleeves and a white pleated bib with a matching collar, completing the look with a pair of black leather woven Vince Camuto sandals with gold and silver accents. The ensemble was completed with bold red lips and matching nails.


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