Elon Musk is now the subject of a character in a feature film, ‘Strange relevance right now,’ director says – Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)

The 2022 film has debuted on the streaming platform Netflix Inc NFLX: which could use Tesla Inc TSLA: Executive Director Elon Musk as inspiration for the character. Here’s what investors, Musk fans and moviegoers need to know.

What happened: Netflix’s “Glass Onion. A Knives Out Mystery” featured a character who may resemble Musk and is linked to the acquisition of social media platform Twitter.

The character, Miles Bronn, is a tech billionaire with interests in space exploration and automobiles, two sectors that Musk disrupted in real life. Played Edward Norton In the film, Bronn was portrayed as someone who stole ideas and took credit for things he wasn’t behind.

Film director Rian Johnson Wired recently shared that Musk may have been the inspiration for the character.

Johnson told Wired that he wrote the script during the COVID-19 lockdowns, before Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter. The filmmaker joked that he didn’t know this ahead of time, but viewers could see parallels between the behavior of tech billionaires in both fiction and real life.

“It’s so weird. It’s very strange. I hope there isn’t some secret marketing department at Netflix funding this Twitter takeover,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, the character of Miles Bronn was borrowed from Musk and also from other tech billionaires.

“There are a lot of things in common about this type of tech billionaire that directly relate to that. But it’s obvious that it has an almost strange relevance right now.”

The interviewer joked that the next Knives Out movie could be about the fall of Twitter.

“The decline of Twitter. I just did it, didn’t I?” Johnson answered jokingly.

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Why is it important? Musk is Tesla’s CEO, but his role as co-founder of the company has been controversial. The film’s discussion of the ideas and companies the entrepreneur took credit for may have parallels to how some perceived Musk in real life.

“Glass Onion. A Knives Out Mystery” played in US theaters AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc AMC:, Cinemark Holdings, Inc. CNK: and: Regal for a week to become the first streaming movie to debut on all three theater networks.

The film was added to Netflix on December 23 and is now available to all subscribers of the streaming platform.

Rumors of a movie character based on tech billionaires like Musk followed Netflix’s hit Don’t Look Up, which also drew inspiration from some big names.

The character of Peter Isherwell is played by the actor Mark Rylance, who stated that he had studied Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and: Jeff Bezos for his physical appearance and character.

“I looked up to all those guys. Maybe I should get down to that more California, high-tech thing. But I went for something a little different. I’ve actually read Elon Musk’s book, about half of it,” Rylance said.

Musk was the main spark for the character, and Rylance said people like the Tesla CEO have “high ideas” and can look dangerous.

“I’ve certainly thought a lot about how human thinking and technology is the biggest thing in the universe, that nothing else is a higher power, and whatever nature throws at us, we’ll deal with it. This is the impression you get with Elon Musk. They think they are going to save humanity. I think they are dangerous.”

While Musk has been the inspiration for several fictional movie characters, he could be the subject of a future movie himself. Legendary biographer Walter Isaacson is working on a book about Musk. Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs became the source of the legendary 2015 film. Apple Inc AAPL: co-founder Michael Fassbender Portraying Jobs on screen.

Book from: Ashley Vance “Elon Musk. Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future’ has been used as the source material for several documentaries.

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