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Ram and Bheem in RRR

Screenshot:: Lahar Music YouTube

It Tollywood movie scene RRR: has become a global phenomenon and promising awards season– and now it is getting a sequel.

The film was originally intended as a stand-alone, as director SS Rajamouli told Variety. “When we were making it, we had no idea about it [a sequel],” he said. “With the initial success of that, we had a little discussion and threw around some good ideas, but we didn’t feel like there was a big idea worth pursuing, so we dropped it.” The possibility of continuation wasrelieved It’s Rajamouli Audience at Beyond Fest a few months ago (io9 was there!); he said that ideas began to flow between him and his father, who wrote story for the first movie, along with screenwriter Vijayendra Prasad.

The Rajamoulis took some creative liberties to bring revolutionary heroes of the film together for action-packed and epic crossover movie, and the approach they chose clearly worked because were spectators Wishing for more NTR Jr. and Ram Charan Teja as Bheem and Ram on screen. The director revealed that Prasad and his father are “seriously working on the story,” which will focus on the returning heroes, possibly with the help of other revolutionary heroes (something we get a glimpse of in RRR: final credits) to fight colonialism. Rajamouli explained that they started thinking when another family member came up with the concept. “AAfter international success, when the subject came up again, my cousin [M. M. Keeravani]-who is also part of my core team;gave an idea that we felt. “Oh my god, this is a great idea. This is an idea worth pursuing.”

With the film’s smashing success on Netflix (although the streamer still doesn’t offer the original Telegu: option) inspiring theatrical performances incl Beyond Fest’s sold-out IMAX presentation at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, hopefully the sequel will open up more opportunities to see the film in more glorious presentations. “On“This script is happening when we’re really looking at how to make it, when and how to get it on screen,” Rajamouli said.

We can all agree that we want it in all visual formats. I mean, James Cameron is reviving the 3D experience Avatar: The way of waterand Rajamouli, who is compared to the legendary director, released a 3D cut RRR abroadso the time is now. Watch RRR: in theaters or check it out on netflix.

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