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Indy and the Dark in the Crystal Skull.

Don’t expect to see Indy’s son Mutt there Dial of Destiny:but he will not be forgotten.
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Mutt Williams, Shia LaBeouf’s character Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullnot in the near future Indiana Jones and the Fate Collector. This much has been known for some time. What’s not known is whether the movie will just happen ignore him or make him part of the story,and now, we have a little more clarity on that.

Speaking Entertainment Weekly, Dial of Destiny: director James Mangold confirmed fans will “find out what happened” to Muti in the new movie. He wouldn’t elaborate beyond that, but it’s encouraging information. That Indy has a son who played such a large part in his previous adventure, and whose mother later married, would be a very odd thing to completely ignore. Kind of like if Crystal skull ignored Indy’s dad or Marcus Brody, friends from the previous film. Of course it didn’t, and they were respectfully but quickly explained away as dead by history.

For the dark, we imagine something similar. The main part Dial of Destiny:y takes place in 1969, during the height to the Vietnam War. You can very easily see that character being drafted and maybe dying there. He was also quite cavalier in his motorcycle riding, so an accident was not out of the question. (That certainly seems a less dignified way to go.) Or? Maybe he and Indy just had an argument and don’t speak anymore. There are many ways the film could explain his whereabouts without making him part of the story.

That story, however, will see Indy struggle with his old school ways in a new school world. “I’ve always been interested in this idea of ​​a hero in the sunset,” Mangold said. “What does a hero do when the world no longer has room for him? It’s really interesting for me to try to look at classic heroes through the prism of the jaundiced attitude of our time.”

Read more from Mangold here Entertainment Weekly. Indiana Jones and the Fate Collector opens on June 30.

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