Courtney Love Claims Brad Pitt Fired Her From ‘Fight Club’ – Rolling Stone

Brad Pitt’s ego Courtney Love landed a role in David Fincher’s 1999 cult classic Fight club, the Hole singer claims in a new interview with Marc Maron. As she recalled, Fincher had already hired her to play Marla Singer when Pitt, who had been cast in the lead role of Tyler Durden, arranged for her to be dropped from the film after she turned down an offer to play her late husband Kurt Cobain in the film. . .

“I wouldn’t let Brad play Kurt,” Love said. “I went nuclear. I am not doing Faust. Who do you think you are?” Both during casting and filming Fight club In 1998, just four years had passed since Cobain died at the age of 27 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He and Ser were married from 1992 until her death in 1994.

“I don’t know if I trust you, and I don’t know that your movies are for profit,” Love recalled telling Pete. “They’re really good social justice movies, but…if you don’t understand me, you kind of don’t understand Kurt, and I don’t feel like you, Brad.”

Love who was dating Fight club Then star Edward Norton knew something was wrong when he came home screaming, “I have no strength.” A short time later, he said, he got a call from Fincher saying he had been fired from the film. He was later replaced by Helena Bonham Carter.

For two decades, it has been a source of regret for Love, who added: “I’m still kicking myself for not having the shark instinct to look like them and then whip them.” As it turned out, at the time of their publication, an actual film project was not in development. “I was so stupid.”


Van Sant continued to create the last days a Cobain-inspired drama that follows the fictional musician’s final days in 2005. Love revealed that as much as she thinks Bonham Carter is a genius, she still hasn’t seen it. Fight club this day

“My friend Cameron Crowe was like, and I don’t think he meant it as literally as it was. “What continues from 96”.

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