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This season saw the release of two big films, ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ and ‘Waltair Veerayya’.

Both films went over budget as the directors continued to grow in competition.

Although Mythri Movies had originally planned to release the films at least three weeks apart, Balakrishna forced it to Sankranthi and kept it alongside Walter Veiraiah.

This has resulted in extra work days and increased costs. Adding to this, Mythri Movies has come up with its own distribution in the Naizam area.

There was a lot of buzz when both the films released within a day of each other. No one understood whether the collections were genuine.

Only after three days there is some clarity. Walter Weiraya is the winner, VSR is the runner and Varasudu is the underdog.

Mythri Movies sold both the films to regular buyers who paid Rs 70 Cr-75Cr in Andhra Pradesh for both the films on condition of refund of GST in case of loss. If this were to happen, at least 25 Cr would be out of the total GST from manufacturers.

But looking at the trend, manufacturers seem to be safe in that regard. While both the films were released for Rs 18 Cr in Vizag, it has already returned Rs 10 Cr.

Films from Naizam already received 25 Cr. Other sectors are also doing well and hence there is no need to bear GSTs.

Giving both films to the same buyer was the right decision, as the loss of one can be compensated with the other.

Somehow Waltair Veerayya does better and thus compensates for Veera Simha Reddy’s slowing down effect.

Dil Raju gets affected by his ego. All these years, Dil Raju and Asian Sunil controlled the distribution of Naizam and the figures were known only to them. But now Mythri Movies has spread and is seeing the real numbers.

Looking at the trend, trade analysts say that both the films together will make more than 40 Cr at Naizam. So now Dil Raju has to change his future quote numbers.



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