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Since Chidi’s role Good placeWilliam Jackson Harper has gone to some fascinating places on screen. He was injured by Ari Aster Horga Midsommarwas caught up in a holiday mystery in last year’s hit series The resort – and will next be seen in vivid images of the Quantum Realm Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania. His character, known simply as ‘Quaz’, has been largely kept under wraps, but you can get a proper look at him in the exclusive image above, as seen: empireworld exclusive Quantum mania coverage feature.

What we do know about Quazz is that he’s a telepath, and he’s pictured here with Cathy M. With O’Brian’s Gentora, a freedom fighter who fights against the injustice experienced by the vibrant communities living in small towns. Here’s hoping Quaz brings some of that Chid-level smarts to the fight against Kang The Conqueror; Ant-Man and friends will need all the help they can get to fend off the threat of the MCU’s new Big Bad.

Of course, fresh character speculation is always rife, with internet theories suggesting that Quazz could be anyone from Mr. Fantastic (definitely has to be a Fantastic Four rumor attached to every Marvel project in the coming years), to cosmic Marvel hero Quasar (given his name, it’s easy to see why the connection was made). In typical MCU fashion, expect all secrets to remain under wraps until Quantum mania will hit the big screen in February.

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