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Zombie in the night of the living dead

George A. Romeroin 1968 Night of the living dead is one of the most influential films of all time, although today its echoes are most often felt in unrelated works that continue to explore zombie based ideas it became popular. An exciting new director’s new project, however, will have a more direct connection Romeroclassic of

As reported by DeadlineNikiatu Jusu — director terrible, excellent Babysitterwhich hits Prime Video this weekend is a Night of the living dead sequel (produced in part by Romero’s Sanibel Films), Amazon’s MGM division is poised to acquire worldwide rights for the theatrical release. It will be written by Latoya Morgan, whose many credits include thematically appropriate The Walking Dead. No word on plot details yet, but Deadline notes that the project is “set to resume Night of the living dead as a privilege;” the trade that revealed the news also calls it a “sequel,” not a reboot or prequel or reimagining or anything.

Based on strength Babysitter and the enduring awesomeness of Romero’s legacy, it all sounds promising, but we might not mention it Night of the living dead already has a perfect sequel to 1978 Dawn of the Dead. However, Jusu is incredibly talented and we look forward to seeing his take on a genre that could always use fresh minds working on it.

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