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DC Studios director and CEO James Gunn recently revealed that he is writing a new Superman movie and that Henry Cavill wouldn’t be in it. Now the filmmaker has given more information about what to expect from the upcoming feature.

Responding to a Twitter user in a series of tweets, Gunn reiterated why Cavill would not be his Superman movie, while explaining that while it will feature a younger Superman, it won’t be an origin story. Instead, Gunn said that Superman will already know a lot of people in his life when the movie comes out; he’ll just be a younger version of himself in the process.

Gunn also took some time to respond to those asking why he was no longer moving forward with the lead role of Cavill. In one particular response, one fan said they didn’t understand why Gunn would be so “cold-hearted” about letting Cavill go. Gunn responded by saying that it was anything but cold, that he had spoken to Cavill several times after they had a “very open, honest and respectful discussion” and that the two were “all good”.

While not much is known about Gunn’s upcoming Superman movie, we do know that it will feature a younger Superman. A recent report from Variety expanded on this a bit, with the report stating that the script will “focus on Superman’s life as a cub reporter in the city of Metropolis.”

The report goes on to state that he will be reuniting with the film’s main characters, including co-star Lois Lane, among others.


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