“I tend to just take it”

kody brown, robyn brown

Cody and Robin Brown

When conflict arises between Cody Brown and his sisters, his fourth wife, Robyn, says that he has often been the scapegoat for the other women.

“Whenever he does something they don’t like, I get blamed,” the 44-year-old TLC star said on Sunday. Sister wives one on one episode

“Maybe I’m an easy target,” he told host Sukanya Krishnan. “Because I tend to just accept it. And I just don’t fight for it. I don’t fight, it’s not my nature to fight. I have to be really, really tough to fight for myself. I’m just absolutely more. heart”.

CONNECTED. Robin Brown Says Sister Wives “Gived Her Up” to Cody they “didn’t want to spend time with him”

The Brown family is in turmoil after Christine and Cody announced their separation in November 2021 after more than 25 years of marriage.

Recently, Cody, 53, and second wife Janelle Brown confirmed that they had split, which was quickly followed by news that he had decided to finally end his 32-year marriage to Mary Brown.

As a result, Robin, the only woman Cody has ever been legally married to, has previously been admitted; One on one credit she felt in recent years as other women “gave up [Kody] and said to me: “We mostly don’t want to spend time with him.”

Sister women

Sister women


CONNECTED. Where Christine, Janelle, Robyn and Mary Brown are standing after 3 Sister women The women broke up with Cody

Just a week after Mary confirmed the end of their decades-long marriage, the 51-year-old bed and breakfast owner took to Instagram to share a cryptic post with a familiar photo of a book half covering her face and a text overlay: much more to the story…”

“Everything is not always as it seems,” he wrote. “Often we accept a version of history as the truth because it fits the narrative we’ve created or what we want to believe. It’s not always about what you look at, but also where you look from. Everyone has their own experiences and their own truths.”

Mary finished the inscription. “Remember, no matter how flat a pancake is, it always has two sides.”

Brown family, sister wives

Brown family, sister wives

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Later on Sunday One on one special, Robin addressed his strained relationship with Christine.

“At first it was very difficult… it was snarky comments, not including me in things, kind of letting me know how things were going to go. “, he admitted.

However, he said. “I kept thinking we were working on things.”

CONNECTED. Sister women“Cody Brown Thinks Other Men Will Feel Ex Christine Is ‘Risk’ To Date

However, Cody has long since lost any illusions of reconciliation with Christine, even to the point where he now questions Christine’s motives, and doubts that he will have any luck finding love in the future.

“Breaking up when you’re not in love, I understand that. But to assuage his guilt, he blamed me for everything, including his children and Janelle’s children,” she continues. “And as a result, combined with the issues with COVID, those relationships were taken away from me, including, and this is one that I don’t understand, Janelle.”

He repeated. “I understand: She needs to do this so she can find another man who will trust her. Because if she leaves a good man, most guys will go, “this is risky.”

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