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The Christmas spirit certainly set in Ghosts during Thursday’s special one-hour checkoutin which Jay’s sister, Bella, arrives at Woodstone with her boyfriend, Eric (Zoey’s Extraordinary PlaylistAndrew Leeds) to celebrate.

Being a Christmas rom-com big man, Alone and ready to drown Fan Sam was determined to spark something romantic between Bella and Eric, who clearly had feelings for her boyfriend. But Bella was still hanging on to Trevor, who texted Bella with a crazy idea on Sam’s iPad. Eric let Trevor own him for just one day so he and Bella could be together. Strangely, Eric was a complete mensch and embraced the idea of ​​this place, even though he was afraid of being electrocuted. Could Eric tell that this was something Bella needed to get out of her system and maybe she would finally open up to the possibility of them as a couple?

Their plan was foiled, however, when Sam saw what Bella, Eric, and Trevor were up to. Jay blasted Bella for trying to sleep with the ghost at her house on Christmas Day, Bella called Jay judgmental, and Trevor accused Sam of ruining the seventh night of Hanukkah.

Ghosts of Christmas recap

The next morning, when Sam went to climb back up to the lighthouse, he was killed…and possessed by Thor’s spirit. Unlike Sam, however, Thor is a Grinch about Christmas. And yet, between that and Sam’s new hoarse voice, it’s just a cold, okay? — Jay didn’t put two and two together about the property, much to Sam’s dismay.

Following Trevor’s lead, Thor-as-Sam convinced Jay that he was being too hard on Bella and that he should go to the train station to catch Eric. Jay asked Eric to come back and try again for ownership. Experiment #2 also didn’t go according to plan, with Eric temporarily going to the other side and encountering ghosts while Thor’s powers came to life. But on the bright side, fear did to make Bella finally see Eric in a new light.

Ghosts of Christmas recapElsewhere, Isaac was nervous about his and Nigel’s first kiss, and even Pete slammed Nigel for how slow he was moving. When Isaac failed to plant on Nigel under the mistletoe, Nigel declared that they should break things off. In fact, Isaac’s previous relationship with his wife and the guilt he felt for lying to her kept him from moving forward with Nigel. But after Sass revealed that Isaac’s wife had visited him on her deathbed, Isaac realized that she had forgiven him. With that she was free to finally share her first kiss with Nigel.

Speaking of kissing… Hattie spent most of the episode practicing watching (and re-watching and re-watching) the TikTok of a hot lumberjack chopping wood, while Trevor never got to have his moment with Bella, much to his delight. So what’s left for two frustrated ghosts to do? Yes, it was one of those Christmas Lips for us was not see it coming!

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