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Eddy Falcone at the Tree House at Pandora, Disney World

Eddy Falcone at the Tree House at Pandora, Disney World
Photo:: David Roark (Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Despite a 13-year gap between films, a changing blockbuster landscape and a global pandemic, Avatar: The way of water It somehow crossed the line into theaters last week. It’s not surprising, the film earns artistic dollars. We’re talking boffo BO, a whole pile of stinky cheddars. In fact, it came as a surprise to one of the film’s only human characters and one of its most recognizable stars, Edie Falco.

how we all know by now, falco plays the great General Ardmore, known for his camouflage hat and penchant for drinking coffee using his exoskeleton arm. It is wonderful. But as far as he knew, the movie it was bombed some time ago. Appearing The sceneFalco explains that he made this movie so long ago that he assumed things weren’t going well for the sequel.the most beautiful movie ever made.

“Second Avatar:, I shot four years ago,” he said. “I was busy and doing things. Someone mentioned it Avatar:, and I thought. “Oh, I guess it came out and it wasn’t very good because I hadn’t heard anything about it.” It happens! Someone recently said:Avatar: comes out and I said. “Wow, isn’t it out yet?” I will never work again because I said that.”

Edie Falco dives into Avatar: The Last Airbender. The way of water” |: The scene

Falco may have shared some desire, because we’re sure General Ardmore will show up. next seven Avatar: Films. Maybe there’s still time to give her the role she really wanted, the one where she’s tall and Blue. “I wanted to be blue.” he said. “I was excited to be blue and very tall. I got none of those things.”

Do not despair, Mrs. Falco. Lots of human actors in the first Avatar: In the bottom of the second came blue and tall. Can General Ardmore make fans and Falco’s dreams come true by going blue and tall next? Avatar:? We’ll find out when Avatar 3: will be out in nine years.

[via Variety]



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