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Sister wives. Christy and Cody Brown discuss the best way to tell the other women about their breakup

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Sister womenChristine Brown talks about the pain she felt after listening to the rude words of her ex-husband, Cody Brown.

On Sundays Sister wives one on one episode, Christine discussed her reaction when she found out that Cody, 53, had told her she wasn’t physically attracted to him.

“It was terrible to hear. And it’s extremely embarrassing,” admitted 50-year-old Christine.

“I just started thinking, you know what? It really goes both ways,” he continued. “Really, I just wasn’t attracted, after he said I was kind of like: “Ah, so I’m done. It was almost a relief. I’m not going to keep fighting for it or trying if you’re not attracted to me. So everything I’ve done for you and the family means nothing.”

CONNECTED. Sister women“Christine Brown wouldn’t wish her relationship with Cody on any of my friends.”

Brown family, sister wives

Brown family, sister wives

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Cody has lost his sister’s wives at a rapid clip over the past few years; Christine and Cody announced their separation in November 2021 after more than 25 years of marriage. Sunday’s Tell-all special also confirmed that Cody and second wife Janelle Brown have split. And the episode also revealed that Cody ended his 32-year marriage to first wife Mary Brown.

CONNECTED. Here’s where Cody Brown stands with all 4 Sister women

During the episode, host Sukanya Krishnan asked Cody’s only remaining wife, Robin Brown, what she would do if he was no longer physically attracted to her.

“That’s the thing. I would send her ass to a therapist so fast,” she said. “I won’t let him not talk to me. I don’t allow it. We will talk.

Krishnan then asked Robin. “How do you get someone to be attracted to you?”

“You don’t,” replied Robin. “I think his appeal is based on the person’s behavior. He has a tendency, and I’ve watched him do this thing where he gets upset with a woman, and then he fights back, and then that woman kind of turns over a new leaf, or they talk, and they’re something finding out and he’s supportive and kind and he just melts. He looks like he hung the moon and they are amazing. I’ve watched him do it all the time.”

Season 10 Sister Wives Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Cody Brown, Mary Brown, Robin Brown

Season 10 Sister Wives Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Cody Brown, Mary Brown, Robin Brown

TLC: Brown family

CONNECTED. Robin Brown says Sister women Cody was “handed over” to him. they “didn’t want to spend time with him”.

Although Cody initially denied that Christine had left their nearly 26-year marriage, he says his reaction was the result of long-standing problems in their relationship.

“I was ambivalent, trying to be stoic about it,” he said. “[Christine] is a game player. Ever since we got married, the manipulations, the numbness, the temper tantrums, just the behavior stuff.”

He continued. “Some of the games that were happening were when we moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. I was trying to get along with Mary. And Mary gave me this really great birthday present, and I’m in this place, I’m letting Janelle and Christine and them know. Robin, so I can make up with Mary. And Christine lost herself— that day. She comes to our family party and leaves screaming at one of the kids that she is in a loveless marriage. It’s been two years since he kicked me out. “.

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Sister women airs Sundays at 10pm ET on TLC.


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