Jack Harlow Was Today Years Old When He Found Out Brandy and Ray J Are Siblings

Jack Harlow is being shamed on Twitter for not knowing that Brandy and Ray J are siblings, Uproxx reports.

The embarrassing blunder happened on Hot 97. The “First Class” rapper was being interviewed by Ebro and Peter Rosenberg when they decided to test his’ 90s R&B knowledge. They told the rapper they’d play a song from the era and see if he could name the artist.

They started playing Brandy’s 1999 song “Angel In Disguise.” Harlow paused for a minute, and then first guessed Aaliyah, to which the hosts quickly said “no.”

They encouraged him to give it another try by listening closer to the track. He listened longer, and even as Brandy’s distinct voice started to play, Harlow had no idea who it was. The hosts, already chuckling to themselves, started to give the 24-year-old hints to help him out.

“OK how about I go this way,” one of the hosts said. “She had a TV show.”

Harlow, still stumped, asked for another hint before one of the hosts referenced Ray J’s infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

“Who’s Ray J’s sister?” the rapper asked.

The studio erupted with laughter, as the “Whats Poppin” rapper looked confused. After learning that Brandy was Ray J’s sister, he appeared to be shocked they were related.

Unsurprisingly, as a clip of the moment made its rounds on social media, viewers were quick to chew out the 24-year-old for not knowing Ray J and Brandy are related.

Several called for his invitation to the cookout to be rescinded.

“And this who y’all be trying to invite to the cookout?” one user wrote on Twitter.

“He did not know that ??? Either he’s hella young or I’m hella old. Bruh…, ” another added.

“My 11 & 9 year olds know Brandy & Ray J are siblings,” one user mentioned.

Others were more horrified at the fact that he did not recognize Brandy’s iconic vocals.

“Jack Harlow did not recognize Brandy’s voice,” one viewer wrote. “That’s an insult, to be calling himself a musical artist.”

Not knowing Brandy and Ray J are siblings is one thing, fine. But, not recognizing Brandy’s voice, unacceptable. You get one Jack Harlow. ” another user replied.

“I’m more mad that he did not know Brandy’s voice,” one user wrote.

A few viewers stood up for the rapper, saying that his blunder is understandable.

“Nah, I’ll give him that: Aaliyah and Brandy were sonically on the wave of futuristic r & b music,” one user wrote. “..But everything else is this clip is embarrassing.”

Guys, he is 24. Moesha ended in 2001 and Brandy did not put out hits in a long time. I bet dude ain’t alone. That being said, Angel in Disguise was my shit, ” another tweeted.

But people were quick to shut down age as an excuse for not knowing Ray J and Brandy have the same parents.

“Being young is not an excuse. My niece is 15 and nephew 24 and they both know who Brandy is, ”another user chimed in.

Harlow’s blunder comes as the rapper is in the middle of a press tour to promote his new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You.

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