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Asuka recently took to social media to tease a return to her old “Murder Clown” gimmick that she used in Japan before her WWE stint.

This week raw Aided the idea that Asuka was in transition because she wasn’t wearing her typical WWE face paint. Asuka once again lost her match. WWE commentators noted that she is not as intimidated as she once was, opening the door for Asuka to consider stepping up to her more vicious side.

That’s why it’s especially interesting that Asuka posted the following video on her YouTube channel of herself flying from Chicago to Japan after this week’s episode: raw.

The title of the video simply says: “I’m going to Japan to look for what I forgot.”

Asuka doesn’t say anything in the video to elaborate on what she’s looking for, but I’m going to willingly ignore all other possibilities and just assume she’s up to her old trick.

Do you think we’ll see a brand new (and deadlier) version of Asuka in WWE when she returns to the United States, Cagesiders?

Update: Turns out Asuka was tweeting about Killer Clown just as I was tweeting about it.

Here are his latest tweets where he says he has yet to find what he’s looking for.

Can you decipher what’s going on here?


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