3 zodiac signs rough horoscope january 17, 2023

If we find that we can’t focus today or somehow misunderstand the information we’re being given, it would also make sense that Saturn squares the Moon… and it is.

January 17th brings us the Moon square Saturn, and with it comes frustration, rejection, and the idea of ​​what to do when presented with a stop sign. This means that this day will prevent us from doing something in the future.
How will we respond during this type of “ban”?

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For the three zodiac signs, today presents itself as rigid, unruly and disorganized. We had plans and now those plans don’t seem to exist. We could even have big plans, as in plans for the future, and when the Moon square Saturn is in our midst, all we know is that everything we want to do has to be put on hold… because we don’t want to yet. fully understand.

Saturn, the planet that says NO to almost everything, will make itself known in a way that we cannot understand what is happening today. We really thought we knew how to navigate this day as everything was planned.

Now, this annoying transit seems to have hindered our smooth progress and all we get from it is the idea that we “need to adjust our expectations”.

Oh boy, thanks for that, Moon square Saturn. For some zodiac signs, today isn’t a tragic mess, but it is a drag.


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