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Tesla CEO and Twitter boss Elon Musk has promised to step down as head of Twitter. As the billionaire looks for a new CEO to lead the social media platform, privacy advocate Edward Snowden has thrown his name into the hat by announcing he’s paying in bitcoin. “The issue is not finding a CEO, the issue is finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive,” Musk explained.

Elon Musk is considering finding a new CEO for Twitter

Elon Musk held a Twitter poll over the weekend asking his 122.3 million followers if he should step down as the head of the social media platform. The billionaire added that he would follow the results of the poll, which ended with 57.5 percent of the more than 17.5 million respondents wanting him to step down.

Elon Musk promises to leave the position of head of Twitter.  Edward Snowden has put his name on the CEO's hat

Responding to comments that he had already chosen a new CEO and that he would be stepping down as chairman of Twitter’s board, Musk clarified: There is no successor.” In another tweet, the head of Tesla explained:

It’s not about finding a CEO, it’s about finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive.

Many urged Musk not to step down. “If Elon Musk leaves Twitter, I will close my account. He’s the reason I opened it in the first place,” one exclaimed. “The crowd chose to crucify Jesus too, remember that Elon Musk. The crowd is not always right. Leaders LEAD, they don’t bow down.” another told the billionaire. “Defend free speech. First Amendment needs you,” a third user stressed.

In November, Musk said in court that he did not want to be CEO of Twitter, stating: “I expect to reduce my time on Twitter and find someone else to manage Twitter over time.”

Comments from people suggesting they could serve as Twitter’s new CEO also flooded Musk’s tweet. Among the respondents was whistleblower Edward Snowden, a free speech and privacy advocate who lived in exile in Russia after revealing the National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying program affecting millions of Americans in 2013. He wrote: Bitcoin.”

Elon Musk promises to leave the position of head of Twitter.  Edward Snowden has put his name on the CEO's hat

Asked if he was “strong enough to be despised” as Twitter’s CEO, Musk noted that Musk’s main problem was that he was “being led away from what he wanted Twitter 2.0 to be by right-wing lunatics “, Snowden. wrote:

Oh, I think I’ve been a little criticized before.

Some people complained that they didn’t see Musk’s survey in time to vote. Many users suspect that most of the voters were bots. “This survey is not fair, I didn’t even see it until the last day because at this time of year, like me, most people are busy getting ready for the holidays and haven’t even been able to log in, and probably. Most of the votes in this poll are from face accounts.” one of the users emphasized.

Kim Dotcom told Musk. “It is unwise to conduct such a poll when you are now the deep state enemy number 1. They have the largest bot army on Twitter. They have 100k “analysts” with 30-40 accounts that all downvote. Let’s clean up, then run this poll again. The majority believe you.’

Do you think Elon Musk should step down as head of Twitter? Do you think Edward Snowden should be running Twitter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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