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After the former 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, unveiled his non-fungible token (NFT) trading card collection, Trump’s NFTs sold out within hours of the announcement. Opensea statistics, three days after the sale, show that the floor price for the Trump NFT trading card set is now .49 ether, or roughly $578.

Trump NFTs sell off, cards quadruple in value on Opensea, left-wing political commentators outraged

Donald Trump once said in 2019 that he was not a fan of bitcoin (BTC)., and today the former president used blockchain technology to launch his NFT trading cards. The collection of 45,000 cards features images of Trump dressed as Superman, an astronaut, a cowboy and many other designs. However, it has been the charges that the team behind the Trump NFTs used stock images from Shutterstock and placed Shutterstock watermarks on the NFT photos.

Despite the claims, Trump’s NFT cards have been very popular, and statistics over the past 24 hours show that Trump’s collection is second only to Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in sales. Trump NFT sales have increased by 50.19% in the last 24 hours, with sales of $3,597,251. There were 4,749 trades and 1,839 buyers and 2,155 sellers in the $3.5 million trade.

The current floor price for Trump NFT cards on Opensea is around .49 Ether or $578, which is more than 4 times the original price of $99 when the sale started. There are approximately 15,811 Trump NFT holders and 35% are unique holders as measured by Opensea on December 18, 2022. One user has about 1,000 Trump NFT cards and is the largest owner of the entire collection. Some people they claim The unknown owner of the 1,000-card Trump NFT is Donald Trump himself.

Of course, Trump’s NFT trading cards sparked outrage from left-wing political pundits after the 45th US president made his announcement. US current president Joe Biden mocked Trump tweet It says Biden “has had several ADVISORY STATEMENTS in the last few weeks,” using all caps, like Trump. Left-wing political commentator Lindy Lee also mocked Trump’s NFT announcement when he said:

Trump’s big announcement is that he is selling NFTs. Melania’s big announcement was that she was selling $185,000 of NFT. Ivanka’s big announcement was promoting Goya beans. Don Jr.’s big announcement was selling $500 worth of cameos. The most pathetic family ever to occupy the White House.

Other supporters on the left, such as former New York Times (NYT) columnist Kurt Eichenwald, tried to expose Trump’s NFT undertaking. Eichenwald published a blog post on his Substack saying, “Trump’s trading card woes are worse than you think.” Eichenwald discovered that the shell companies were connected to a company called NFT International LLC. The former NYT columnist also linked the company to some people with a negative reputation, but ultimately, Eichenwald concludes, “none of that means NFT International is crooked.”

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