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Bitcoin price forecast for December 25 is unchanged as BTC trades volatile in a tight range between $16,700 and $17,000. Bitcoin’s hashrate dropped 35% in 24 hours as US miners shut down due to severe weather.

On December 24th, the hashrate dropped to 156 EH/s, as reported by Prior to that, the average hashrate over 14 days was 237 EH/s. Thousands of flights have been canceled in the US due to recent winter storms.

Issues related to the storm, such as power outages, have forced Bitcoin miners to shut down their operations. According to the PowerOutage website, which tracks outages, nearly 1.4 million buildings are without power.

Mark Cuban wants to buy Bitcoin cheaper

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban plans to buy additional Bitcoin on a future episode of “Club Random,” comedian Bill Maher’s podcast. Fortune says he insisted he wanted the biggest cryptocurrency to “sink a lot more” before investing more. The premiere of the episode will be on Monday.

In his appearance, Cuban dismissed Maher’s claim that gold is a good inflation hedge, saying:

Cuban went on to tell Maher that bitcoin is a solid investment, however, he cautioned against encouraging others to buy bitcoin.

Bitcoin price

The current price of Bitcoin is $16,813 and the 24-hour trading volume is $10 billion. The BTC/USD pair is largely unchanged today and continues to maintain a volatile range between $16,700 and $17,000.

After a failed attempt to break above $17,000, BTC has pulled back and is stabilizing near $16,800. If the bulls want another chance at higher prices, the price should stay above $16,587.

Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

A bearish breach of the $16,600 support level could open the door for more selling to $16,250 or $16,100; A bearish break of this level could expose BTC to $15,650. According to the MACD and RSI indicators, the market now has a mixed bias.

The RSI indicates that the market is oversold, however, the MACD indicates that there may be some upside momentum. Because of these conflicting indications, predicting market movements can be difficult.

Alternative cryptocurrencies with higher profit potential

Cryptocurrencies have been trading sideways for several weeks, tempting some traders to investigate alternatives with higher short-term promises. Below are some of the market’s largest pre-sales that allow investors to get in early.

Fight Out (FGHT)

FightOut (FGHT) is an earning program that compensates users for various workouts such as boxing, weightlifting, and yoga. It will be built on Ethereum and launch in Q2 2023, offering a selection of in-app and in-person training, and plans to open up to 20 private-brand gyms and partner with many others.

His token sale, which began last week, has already raised more than $2.3 million. The current sale price is 60.06 FGHT per $1 (FGHT can be bought with ETH or USDT), but it will increase during the next round of sales.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is another Ethereum-based platform that will provide real-time analytics and social trading data when it launches early next year. Trading signals, chain analysis, strategy building tools and news feeds will be among its initial features to help both novice and experienced traders stay ahead of the volatile cryptocurrency market.

It has raised over $10.8 million in its D2T token sale and is will end in just 12 days, providing early investors with a rapidly closing window of opportunity. On January 11, the altcoin will be listed on its first exchange, with LBANK Exchange, Changelly Pro and Bitmart confirmed as the first trading platforms to support it.

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C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge (CCHG) is a peer-to-peer payment system for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations powered by the Binance Chain. Its goal, expected to begin in the second quarter of next year, is to increase the availability of carbon credits that will reward consumers for charging their EVs at its terminals.

As an indication of how quickly it can scale, the platform has already struck a deal with Perfect Solutions Turkey, which will add 20% of Turkey’s EV chargers to its network. 1 CCHG is now worth $0.013 and can be bought with BNB or USDT.

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