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Can This Simple Guide Change Your Money?

Main points:

  • Winning with money (saving enough, avoiding debt, etc.) can be a challenge.
  • Finance expert Dave Ramsey has some simple tips for financial success.
  • He recommends avoiding doing what everyone else is doing, and instead focusing on making the best choices for your own future.

Many people struggle financially and find it difficult to save enough money or avoid credit card debt. If you don’t want to be one of them, financial expert Dave Ramsey has some tips on how to “win with money.”

Here’s what that advice is, along with some advice on whether and how you should follow his advice.

Dave Ramsey’s advice for becoming a financial winner

Ramsey’s advice on winning money is really simple, but it might not be the advice you want to hear.

“If you want to win money, let me give you an idea. find out what most people are doing and run in the opposite direction,” Ramsey wrote on Facebook. Ramsey also went on to explain why he gave this unexpected advice.

“Most people are broke,” Ramsey said. “Most people look good and are broke. And the government, known for its ability to handle money (sarcasm font), will not save you. It’s up to you.”

In essence, Ramsey suggests that instead of trying to follow the crowd or keep up with the Joneses, you make the money decisions that are right for your long-term financial plan. You don’t necessarily want to do what’s normal or what seems easiest, but instead you want to take control and make choices that will set you up for long-term success.

Is Ramsey right?

Ramsey’s claim that “most people are broken” may be hard to back up, but it is It’s true that most people don’t have enough retirement savings, have a lot of credit card debt, and don’t even have a small amount of money to cover emergencies.

While in some cases this may be because people spend money to look good, as Ramsey says, there are also many systemic issues that leave people with very little. These issues range from the wage gap between men and women, to generational poverty and inequality of opportunity, to the fact that the minimum wage has not kept pace with rising prices.

If you are facing these systemic problems, it is much more difficult to simply make money decisions that will leave you “winning with the money” as you fight against the current. And Ramsey’s claims that most people are broke because they’re trying to look good don’t really apply to your situation, because your financial problems aren’t caused by the decisions you make, but by difficult circumstances.

For some people, however, it is is It’s true that there are some money decisions that you can make that are quite common and that can make it difficult for you to be financially successful. For example, buy-now-pay-later plans have become quite popular as a way to buy things you can’t afford, and they can make it harder to live within your means and meet your financial goals because you’re committing future income to pay off for: purchases of non-essential goods today.

If you want to increase your chances of “winning money”, controlling your budget, committing to living within your means, and avoiding unnecessary debt can be a good approach. Ramsey recommends these types of behaviors that can help you grow your net worth over time.

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