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CFPB charges against Wells Fargo. illegal fees, wrong car repos and misapplied payments

The watchdog agency said Tuesday that the bank will pay $3.7 billion for wrongdoing and mismanagement and more than $2 billion to compensate consumers. read more

3M will stop producing harmful PFAS found in hundreds of household items. what are “forever chemicals”?

3M’s ban is the latest response to “forever chemicals.” The UN has dedicated World Water Day to PFAS and their damage to groundwater. Congress has also acted. read more

This 28-year-old negotiated her $500,000 salary and found a work-life balance

How he worked his way up to a half million dollar salary while finding more time to spend with his family. read more

Doesn’t like meme shares. stock trading kids are loading up on Apple and index funds

In joint accounts with parents, children under 18 learn to play the stock market, mostly for the better. read more

Even with rising mortgage rates, homes for sale remain scarce in cities and towns

MarketWatch analysis shows housing inventory remains depressed. You can use our data tool to see how higher interest rates have affected your local area. read more

US building permits fell 11.2% in November, while housing starts eased slightly

U.S. new home construction fell 0.5% in November, the Commerce Department said Tuesday Read More

Inflation isn’t enough of a hardship withdrawal, but you can get money out of your pension if you follow these rules.

There are strict rules for withdrawing money from a 401(k) or IRA that you need to know if you need access to your savings. read more

These cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and EVs are the best buys for 2023

For the discerning buyer who loves value and reliability, these are the best cars, trucks and SUVs offered by KBB in a variety of segments for most buyers. Read more:



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