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$244.8 million The deal approved by Achieve Personal Loans receives AAA ratings from both agencies; $152.7 million The deal approved by Achieve Home Loans builds on the precedent-setting success of its HELOC securitization strategy

SAN MATEO, CA., February 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — reachA leader in digital personal finance, announces the closing of two AAA-rated securitizations, one offering $244.8 million In the notes approved by “Getting Personal Loans”. and a second offering of notes approved at approx $152.7 million in newly established home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Both securitizations closed January 31, 2023.

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ACHV ABS Trust 2023-1PL

The personal loan securitization, ACHV ABS Trust 2023-1PL, consists of four classes of rated securities backed by 15,788 unsecured consumer personal loans. It is the 15th personal loan securitization by Freedom Consumer Credit Fund (FCCF), an investment fund managed by Freedom Financial Asset Management (FFAM) Achieve. It is FCCF and FFAM’s fifth personal loan transaction to receive a AAA rating from DBRS Morningstar and the seventh to receive a AAA rating from Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA). ACHV ABS Trust is the new name of the securitization shelf formerly known as FREED ABS Trust.

Placement to obtain personal loans (formerly known as FreedomPlus Loans) is based on proprietary algorithms that evaluate behavioral, transactional, employment, and income data, as well as a manual review of borrowers’ creditworthiness. The underlying Achieve Personal Loans in the securitization were originated by bank partners Cross River bank and: Pathward, N.A On the Achieve Personal Loans platform. Getting personal loans helps consumers consolidate debt, lower interest rates, and convert revolving debt into lower-cost, more consumer-friendly installment loans.

The Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D fixed rate notes are rated AAA (sf), AA- (sf), A- (sf) and BBB- (sf) by KBRA, respectively. The Class A, B and C Fixed Rate Notes are rated AAA (sf), AA (sf) and A (sf) respectively by DBRS Morningstar. Class D notes have not been rated by DBRS.

Credit Suisse served as structuring agent and joint bookrunner, and Jefferies and Truist Securities served as joint bookrunners for the transaction. The trade structure features overdraft, subordination, reserve fund and excess spread.

“The closing of the first securitization backed by loans using the Achieve Personal Loans brand is a significant milestone as we continue to incorporate new Achieve brand across our organization,” said Achieve co-founder and CEO Andrew Husser. “While the name may be new, Achieve Personal Loans remains the same trusted financial tool our members can rely on to help them improve their personal finances.”

ACHM Trust 2023-HE1

The HELOC securitization, ACHM Trust 2023-HE1, consists of three classes of rated securities and one class of unrated securities secured by 2,556 HELOCs with an aggregate unpaid principal balance of approximately $152.7 million and a total current credit limit of approx $156.3 million. the time November 30, 2022 at maturity, the portfolio’s HELOCs had a weighted average loan age of approximately five months and ranged from approximately two months to 32 months. DBRS Morningstar has rated the Securitization Class A, Class B and Class C Fixed Income Securities at AAA (sf), BBB (Low) (sf) and B (Low) (sf), respectively. CE Class Notes have not been rated by DBRS Morningstar.

The deal is FCCF’s second HELOC-sponsored securitization and follows the success of the deal the inaugural transaction as a precedent December 2022. ACHM Trust is the new name of the securitization shelf formerly known as FREED Mortgage Trust.

Achieve’s HELOCs are designed to help homeowners with unsecured debt reduce the burden of high interest rates by using a portion of their home’s available equity to consolidate their debt and lower payments. Each HELOC is fixed-rate and fully amortizing, eliminating the uncertainty and risk of payment shock that traditional HELOCs present with variable rate, interest-only or balloon payments. Since acquiring home equity loans in 2019, HELOC borrowers have saved an average of 779 dollars per month compared to their previous unsecured debt payments.

HELOCs are fully funded at origination and have terms of 10 or 15 years, which include a five-year draw period. In most cases, HELOCs are secured by a junior lien on the homeowner’s primary residence, although a small number of HELOCs take the position of first lien. Achieve works with its members to conduct a comprehensive financial assessment during the application process. A thorough collateral appraisal process helps ensure that HELOCs are created with a low combined loan-to-value ratio that maintains a large cushion of remaining home equity. Achieve believes this better enables its members to address their immediate financial needs without jeopardizing their ability to build long-term wealth through their home.

“We have long believed in the value of programmatic access to the capital markets in support of our personal lending initiatives, and we look forward to bringing that approach to our HELOC operations as well,” said: Barry RaffertyChief Investment Officer at FFAM and Head of Capital Markets at Achieve.

All FCCF-sponsored securitization issuances have now been completed $4.6 billion and total loan origination and access to home loans through the FFAM platform is superior 8 billion dollars.

This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or an offer to buy the notes or other securities and does not constitute an offer, solicitation or sale in any jurisdiction where such offer, solicitation or sale would be illegal. The Notes have not been and will not be registered under the US Securities Act of 1933 (the Securities Act) or the securities laws of any jurisdiction. The Notes have been offered and sold only to qualified institutional buyers pursuant to and outside of Rule 144A of the Securities Act. United States Non-U.S. Persons in Offshore Transactions Relying on Regulation S of the Securities Act.

About Achieve

reach is the leader in digital personal finance. Our solutions help everyday people get on and stay on the path to a better financial future with innovative technology and personalized support. Using proprietary data and analytics, our solutions are tailored to each step of a consumer’s financial journey and include personal loans, home loans, debt and financial instrument assistance, and education. The head office c San Mateo, CaliforniaAchieve has nearly 3,000 dedicated teammates with centers across the country California, Arizona, Texas and: Florida and is regularly recognized as a best place to work.

Achieve and its affiliates are subsidiaries of Freedom Financial Network Funding, LLC, including, LLC d/b/a (NMLS ID #138464) Equal Housing Lender; Freedom Financial Asset Management, LLC d/b/a Achieve Personal Loans (NMLS ID #227977); Resolution of Liberty (NMLS ID #1248929); and Lendage, LLC d/b/a Achieve Loans (NMLS ID #1810501), Equal Housing Lender.



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