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TAYLORSVILLE, NC — Craftmaster Furniture’s plans for 2023 are focused on getting customers the upholstery they want at the best possible time. Furniture Today spoke with company president Alex Reeves about Craftmaster’s strategy for 2023 and how the current state of the market is becoming a focus for the company.

What can retailers expect from you in 2023?

Continuous development in all categories with an emphasis on modern, casual and value-creating areas demanded by our customers.

Do you anticipate any supply chain issues and if so, how are you addressing them?

For foam, metal, wood, and most fabrics, raw material logistics failures are reduced.

What are your service times for the coming year?

We currently deliver in six weeks for fabric and eight weeks for leather. We expect to be back to four weeks or better by the end of the year.

Working on any enhanced digital/logistics capabilities?

We have expanded our domestic CFC shipping program to better serve customers with direct shipments.

What, if anything, keeps you up at night about the year ahead?

The stability of our economy and continued employment numbers.

Which category(s) will be big in 2023?

Our Design Option programs, fast shipping and our ability to produce custom orders with quality and speed will accelerate our business in 2023.

How is your business doing now and what are your expectations for 2023?

Incoming custom orders are increasing weekly to match our continuously improving shipping speed.

What is your biggest development coming up in 2023?

To provide customers with the best value, quality, experience and speed at our price point.

Any extensions for your brand for the coming year?

We round up the categories in response to requests from our customers.

Do you have specific operational strategies you will implement in the coming year?

Our goal is to exceed pre-pandemic service levels.

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