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The company, which powers home searches for buyers using artificial intelligence to generate leads for agents, will enter new markets this year, CEO Omer Granot said Wednesday at Inman Connect New York.

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Real estate professionals must be ready to harness the power of artificial intelligence in the near future, and a new company offering tools that help teams and brokers make more connections is moving into new markets this year.

Localize, recently founded in New York, will bring its AI-led company to more US markets in 2023. The company’s CEO Omer Granot said on stage at Inman Connect New York on Wednesday.

“Our system does what you would do if you basically had unlimited time,” Grano said at the event.

Omer Granot, CEO of Localize |: Photos by AJ Canaria and Mercedes Santiago of MoxiWorks

Localize the works by feeding home buyers information to guide the start of the home buying search. It then refines the search based on customer data and generates qualified leads for real estate agents.

Traditionally, Granot said, a team might hire an inside sales agent (ISA) to qualify leads, prospect for new leads and generally keep in touch.

If ISA can contact 10,000 potential leads in 10 days, Granot said, Localize allows agents to contact all of them.

“[We] try to take the burden of doing that for the masses of people you could be talking to but you’re not talking to because you don’t have time,” Grano said. “And [we] really focus on those who are willing to transact. They’re qualified, now they need you to take them there and help them make the real decision where we’re taking you back.”

It’s not just customer management, Grano added. Agents who want to stay ahead through content creation can easily do so scale with AI.

“Everyone has to choose what their pain point is,” Grano said. “We’re particularly focused on scalability.”

That focus extends to Localize, which will begin expanding beyond New York’s boroughs.

“Twenty-twenty-three for us is the year we want to basically break through and expand,” Grano said. “We are now ready to go national.”

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