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Global markets were rocked by the 2022 market crash, the repercussions of which are expected to affect stocks over the next few months. However, savvy investors always invest for the long term, and see a fall in stocks as an opportunity. While there is consensus that the world will see a recession in 2023, major analysts believe it will be short-lived. For example, JPMorgan said in its 2023 market forecast report that the global economy is expected to see a “substantial” improvement in inflation levels and a pause in interest rate hikes. The report said the rebound in US stocks will be driven by earnings, but will continue to see caps due to market volatility.

JPMorgan also said the Federal Reserve will end its rate hikes in the first quarter of 2023. This will lead to stabilizing yields and reducing interest rate volatility.

The JPMorgan report also said that the outlook for US stock earnings will depend on “the evolution of economic growth.” If the economy manages to avoid recession, JPMorgan expects earnings growth to remain unchanged from 2022. However, if the economy goes into recession, the report says.

JPMorgan is not alone in its optimistic calls regarding inflation. WisdomTree Investments, in its latest report, said it believes inflation in the US has reached its “zenith” and will continue to decline in 2023. The company, however, said that bringing inflation back to the 2% threshold set by the federal balance sheet. “may remain inevitable” in relation to the service sector.

The IPO space took a hit in 2022 due to the macroeconomic backdrop as companies decided not to enter the stormy waters. In December, a Bloomberg report said just $207 billion was raised from public listings in 2022, a 68 percent drop from 2021. The report cites Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s former head of Japan capital markets for Asia, Edward Byun. ., who believes that “stability” around inflation and visibility on the trajectory of interest rate hikes is needed for a return to activity in the IPO markets.

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Our methodology

For this article, we used stock browsers to first list growth stocks that went public in the last two years. From these, we selected stocks that, as of January 22, had lost at least 10% in value over the past six months. The result was a long list of stocks. To find cheap stocks whose valuations look depressed when compared to their intrinsic value, we selected 13 of those stocks that have long-term growth catalysts and attractive valuations. These stocks look cheap when analyzed based on their long-term gains given their strong growth catalysts. Many of these new stocks are also popular across the 920 elite hedge funds that Insider Monkey tracks. To justify our claim of being “cheap”, in addition to the falling share prices of these stocks, we also discussed their growth catalysts and positive analyst ratings that indicate these companies could do very well in the coming months and years.

The list is ranked in descending order of stock price.

Buy cheap new stocks

13. Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACRV:)

Price: $12.42

Prices down 15% over the last six months

Number of Hedge Fund Owners: N/A

Founded in 2018, Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACRV) is a Massachusetts-based biotechnology company working on oncology products. Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACRV) went public back in November 2022. Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. ( NASDAQ:ACRV ) ended its first session up nearly 33% following its $94 million IPO. Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. ( NASDAQ:ACRV )’s lead drug candidate is ACR-368. Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. ( NASDAQ:ACRV ) is pushing the drug into Phase 2 testing for the treatment of bladder, endometrial and ovarian cancers and HPV+ tumors. Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. ( NASDAQ:ACRV ) also claims to have developed a diagnostic solution called OncoSignature to help identify which patients would benefit from the drug.

Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ACRV) website says its pipeline is focused on advanced assets targeting DNA damage response (DDR) and cell cycle regulation with demonstrated stable single-agent clinical activity in solid tumors. :

12. Samsara Inc. (NYSE:IoT:)

Price: $12.01

Prices down 10% over the last six months

Number of hedge fund owners: 23

Samsara Inc. (NYSE:IOT) is an IoT company that offers solutions for fleet management. Shares of Samsara Inc. ( NYSE:IOT ) jumped more than 20% last month after the company beat third-quarter estimates and gave a full-year 2022 forecast that beat analysts’ estimates. Samsara Inc. (NYSE:IOT) managed to beat estimates despite a challenging macro environment, RBC said in a note to investors.

“While macros remain uneven, management highlighted quick time to ROI and meaningfulness as key factors in delivering sustainable results,” RBC added.

Samsara Inc. (NYSE:IOT) went public in December 2021.

As of the end of the third quarter, 23 hedge funds monitored by Insider Monkey reported holdings in Samsara Inc. (NYSE:IOT), up from 17 funds in the previous quarter.

11. Udemy, Inc. (NASDAQ:UDMY:)

Price: $11.01

Prices down 12% over last six months

Number of hedge fund owners: 12

Online Education and Courses Udemy, Inc. (NASDAQ:UDMY) went public in 2021. It is one of the best cheap new stocks to buy because it has great growth prospects. In December, Cantor Fitzgerald named Udemy, Inc. (NASDAQ:UDMY) one of its top picks for 2023. The firm believes that Udemy, Inc. (NASDAQ:UDMY) is widely discounted relative to the overall software sector. Cantor analyst Brett Knoblauch believes Udemy, Inc. ( NASDAQ:UDMY ) is trading at 1.1 times enterprise value, which would represent a 77% discount to the broader software sector. Cantor Fitzgerald also said that Udemy, Inc. ( NASDAQ:UDMY ) is “flush in cash” with about $500 million and no debt.

As of the end of the third quarter, 12 hedge funds monitored by Insider Monkey reported holdings in Udemy, Inc. (NASDAQ:UDMY). The total value of these bets was 85 million dollars.

10. Marketing, Inc. (NASDAQ:MQ:)

Price: $6.59

Prices down 27% over the last six months

Number of hedge fund owners: 33

Marqeta, Inc. (NASDAQ:MQ) is a fintech company operating in the card and payment solutions industry. While Marqeta, Inc. (NASDAQ:MQ) took a beating last year, analysts believe that Marqeta, Inc. (NASDAQ:MQ) could turn around in the coming months and years. Marqeta, Inc. (NASDAQ:MQ) reported a 46% increase in revenue in the third quarter. Marqeta, Inc.’s ( NASDAQ:MQ ) revenue growth was driven by strong TPV (total processing volume), which grew 54% from $27.6 billion to $42.5 billion.

Marqeta, Inc. (NASDAQ:MQ) went public in the summer of 2021, but the stock has gained decent popularity among smart money. Of the 920 elite hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey, 33 held stakes in Marqeta, Inc. (NASDAQ:MQ). The total value of these bets was $658 million.

9. Amprius Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AMPX:)

Price: $6.15

Prices down 36% over last six months

Number of hedge fund owners: 10

Amprius Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AMPX) went public last year and operates in the battery market. Amprius Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AMPX) makes silicon anodes for high energy density lithium-ion batteries. Amprius Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AMPX) has a first-mover advantage in the silicon battery market, and analysts believe Amprius Technologies, Inc.’s (NYSE:AMPX) technology reduces the risk of thermal runaway in battery products. Amprius Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AMPX) also plans to open a Gigafactory in the US in 2023.

Hedge funds quickly piled into Amprius Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AMPX). A total of 10 hedge funds reported holdings in Amprius Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AMPX) as of the end of the third quarter. The total value of these bets was $1.1 million.

8. Atlas Motor Vehicles, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMV:)

Price: $5.91

Prices down 94% over the last six months

Number of Hedge Fund Owners: N/A

Arizona-based Atlis Motor Vehicles, Inc. ( NASDAQ:AMV ) ranks #8 on our list of cheap new stocks to buy. Atlis Motor Vehicles, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMV) operates in the profitable EV industry. Atlis Motor Vehicles, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMV) manufactures EV vehicles and charging infrastructure. It is known for its energy cells and batteries, as well as its AMV XT pickups. In early January, shares of Atlis Motor Vehicles, Inc. ( NASDAQ:AMV ) surged 200% to a new all-time high of $2.26. Atlis Motor Vehicles, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMV) announced that it has reached a sales milestone with initial and firm orders totaling two gigawatt hours of battery capacity. Atlis Motor Vehicles, Inc. ( NASDAQ:AMV ) aims to achieve profitability and relies on a subscription model in the EV space.

7. Weave Communications, Inc. (NYSE:Texture)

Price: $5.32

Prices down 44% over the last twelve months

Number of hedge fund owners: 4

Weave Communications, Inc. (NYSE:WEAV) is a Utah-based company that offers communications platforms for small businesses. The platform allows businesses to automate their calling, messaging, meeting systems and much more to increase efficiency and results. Weave Communications, Inc. (NYSE:WEAV) went public in November 2021. Weave Communications, Inc. ( NYSE:WEAV ) operates in a high-growth but competitive market. For the third quarter, Weave Communications, Inc. (NYSE:WEAV) said its adjusted EPS came in at $-0.10, beating estimates by $0.04. Revenue rose 20% to $36.2 million in the quarter, beating estimates by $0.81 million. Weave Communications, Inc. (NYSE: WEAV ) said its dollar-based net retention rate (NRR) as of September 30, 2022 was 101%.

4 hedge funds reported holdings in Weave Communications, Inc. (NYSE:WEAV) as of the end of the third quarter. The total value of these bets was more than 100 million dollars.

6. Thorne HealthTech, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRN:)

Price: $3.69

Prices down 21% over last six months

Number of hedge fund owners: 3

New York-based Thorne HealthTech, Inc. (NASDAQ:THRN) offers health and wellness products and services related to sleep, stress and weight management. Thorne HealthTech, Inc. ( NASDAQ:THRN ) sells its products through the direct-to-consumer channel as well as on e-commerce platforms, including Amazon. Thorne HealthTech, Inc. ( NASDAQ:THRN ) is operating in a high-growth environment as more and more people start investing in health and wellness products. According to a research report, the global market for dietary supplements alone will reach $271 billion by 2028.

A total of 3 hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey held Thorne HealthTech, Inc. (NASDAQ:THRN) at the end of the third quarter, down from 5 funds last quarter.

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