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Twitter’s new boss could be out after less than two months on the job if the results of a Twitter poll go against him.

Elon Musk tweeted request Asking people to vote on whether he should step down as CEO of Twitter on Sunday night. Musk said he would follow the results of the survey.

On Sunday night, Yes was winning by a margin of 58%-42%.

In several subsequent tweets, Musk suggested he was serious about leaving and made vague threats about Twitter’s future if he was voted out.

“As they say, be careful what you wish for, because you might get it,” Musk on Twitter.

Since buying Twitter for $44 billion and taking over as CEO in late October, Musk has bounced from one controversy to another.

Brief and incomplete summary.

– Musk immediately fired several senior executives and laid off about half of Twitter’s employees.
– Then he gave the rest of the staff an ultimatum that they had to do “extremely hard” work or leave, and thousands more employees walked out the door.
– Musk has fired employees who openly disagreed with him and publicly named and shamed former employees who engaged in difficult moderation discussions in the ongoing Twitter Files.
– Musk also started, stopped, and started a revised check-in system that costs $8 for a blue check and initially led to widespread account counterfeiting.
– Musk has frequently changed Twitter’s rules by executive fiat and without notice, banning people who violate the new rules, including several tech journalists and an account following his jet. Musk once tweeted that allowing the ElonJet account to remain on Twitter shows his commitment to free speech on the platform.
– He has waded deep into the culture wars, allowing some of the platform’s permanently banned accounts to return, including former President Donald Trump and many people who have engaged in misinformation, conspiracy theories or hate speech.

Meanwhile, brands are removing their ads from Twitter left and right. Musk has often stated that Twitter’s finances are terrible.

Responding to a tweet Sunday in which MIT artificial intelligence researcher Lex Friedman said he would take over as CEO, Musk hinted that he wasn’t entirely happy with his new gig.

“You gotta love pain a lot,” Musk tweeted, noting that the company has been “on the fast track to bankruptcy since May.”

However, Musk denied he has a new CEO in mind.

“Nobody wants a job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor,” Musk tweeted. “The problem is not finding a CEO, the problem is finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive.”



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