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President Biden said Tuesday that he is tired of the declining economy during a meeting with Democratic congressional leaders.

“I want the rich to continue to do well. But, look, I’m tired of this down economy,” he said. “I want to build this economy from the bottom up, from the middle, and when that happens to poor people, the middle class does well and the rich never get hurt.”


President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with Democratic lawmakers in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. During the meeting, Biden touched on the economy and other issues.

Biden has previously criticized the economic policy of the Republicans. In October 2022, he exploded what he called “mega MAGA droplets”.

“If the Republicans get their way, the deficit will go up. The tax burden will fall on the middle class,” Biden warned Friday. “And the Republicans are working really hard. And this was kind of, I have to admit, they surprise me sometimes. They have three, not one, not two, three plans to cut Social Security benefits. Three programs. It is not so. going to stop there.”

At a meeting Tuesday that included Vice President Kamala Harris and other top Democratic leaders, he said Republicans are serious about cutting Social Security and Medicare.

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“I love their 30 percent sales tax,” Biden said. “We want to talk about it a lot, but look, I have no intention of letting the Republicans destroy our economy, and neither do I think anybody at this table does.”


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