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Social Security beneficiaries should pay attention to a specific letter in the mail this month.

The Social Security Administration has been sending out beneficiary information emails throughout the month of December. cost of living adjustment in January. Don’t throw away the email and don’t lose it. You may need this for a number of reasons, including proof of benefit amount when applying for loans or energy support. So keep that letter in a safe place.

The letter notifies beneficiaries of their new 2023 benefit amount, according to the CPA, which will increase by 8.7% in January. Those who receive Supplemental Security Income will receive their first COLA payment in December. About 65 million Americans will see this check increase in 2023, the SSA said.

If your COLA payment is more or less than you expected, you can apply to the social security department and your COLA letter or COLA email will act as proof of payment. Check for more details about your Social Security benefits when can you expect your Social Security check to arrive in December? and this cheat sheet to understand your benefits.

When will I receive my COLA letter?

The Social Security Administration told CNET that it is sending letters in the mail throughout the month of December. That means your notification may already be on its way or has already arrived. We recommend that you check your mailbox daily until it arrives.

If you haven’t received it yet, don’t contact the Social Security office. SSA recommends waiting until January before contacting you about the notification.

Can I access my new benefit amount online?

It depends. If you already had my Social Security account online before November 15th, you should be able to access your statement in the Message Center. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the email to arrive.

To learn more about Social Security, here is the 2022 cheat sheet, when can you expect your COLA check to arrive? and explanation why is the COLA higher in 2023?.


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